The Ever Agents Process


Register to start your training, it's absolutely free. Upon completion of your training, you will have all of the skills required to be a merchant processing sales agent.

Powerful Tools
Get access to marketing tools, creatives, banners, weekly Q&A calls, and more. We provide you with a range of powerful tools to help you market yourself, find leads, and close deals.

Market to businesses online, locally or reach out to your existing contacts. It shouldn’t take long to find 3 or 5 business owners who’d be glad to talk to you.

Signup New Businesses
Signup businesses to receive our discounted credit card processing fees. The setup process for a new business only takes a few days, and then you can start getting paid!

Start Making Money
You now collect 35% - 65% of the fees each business pays for credit card processing every single month. This is on top of the one-time signup bonus for each new merchant!


No Experience Needed

There's no experience or license needed, and the training is easy to follow.

Quick to Start

Our optimized training process will have you up and running in under a week.

Free Training

Our training is always free. We only make money when you start making money.

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Your Own Business

You operate as an independent agent with your own business/agency and branding.

Your Own Hours

Your schedule and your hours. Create a serious full-time income, or just some side revenue

Ongoing Support

You get access to marketing tools, creatives, and weekly support calls.

The Opportunity


Program Overview

The truth is, every business you know of pays too much to accept credit card payments. And they have to wait 6X longer than they need to in order to receive their funds.

These facts mean you can be a hero to every business...with a job that rewards you with commissions in an industry ripe for takeover.

The Ever Agents program authorizes you to save businesses money and earn commissions at the same time.

Within just a week, you can complete your training and become a commissions-only agent similar to that of an insurance or real estate agent.

The program, including the training, is absolutely free and you don’t need a license to be an EverAgent (unlike a real estate or insurance agent), yet the compensation can be equally as good--if not better!


Helping Businesses

Lower businesses' credit card processing fees. Whatever rate they're currently paying, we can get them even better pricing!

Get businesses their funds faster. All other processors take 1 - 2 business days to deposit funds from card purchases into a merchant’s bank account. With us, businesses will see deposits in just 4 business hours.

Offer a quick signup process that takes just a few days with no long-term contracts.

Provide consulting to businesses struggling with high merchant fees or other credit card processing issues.


Understanding By Example

Let’s say the nearby gas station averages $35,000 a month in credit card sales.

When you help the owner save money each month, you become their hero.

And you make $130 - $245 in residual income each and every month after that, with no additional work!

That's passive, residual revenue in action, and possibly enough to cover your car payment each month!


Growing Your Revenue

It only takes 5-10 businesses to build up a serious monthly income.

If you're a friendly, outgoing person, it shouldn't take you long to find 5 or 10 business owners who’d be glad to talk to you.

The best part is you're not selling businesses anything. It doesn't cost them anything to signup. In fact it reduces the fees they're already paying.

When you save 5-10 businesses money the same way, you might be able to forget about your rent or mortgage payment.

If you're serious about the program, the sky’s the limit. You can grow your monthly residual revenue to incredible heights. And the percentage of commissions you receive can increase from 35% up to 65%.

How You Make Money

Imagine doing a few hours of work once and getting paid for it every month! That's passive residual revenue.
You now collect 35% - 65% of the fees a business pays for credit card processing every single month.

  • 65%Top Performers
    $750K+ Processing Volume
  • 55%Senior Agents
    25+ Merchants
  • 55%Senior Agents
    $600K+ Processing Volume
  • 45%Live Agents
    10+ Merchants
  • 45%Live Agents
    $300K+ Processing Volume
  • 35%New Agents
    <10 Merchants
  • 35%New Agents
    <$300K Processing Volume

And it gets even better, you earn one-time bonuses for each new merchant you signup!
The more merchants you signup in a month, the higher your bonus for each new merchant that month!

  • $300Platinum Bonus
    Signup 16+ New Merchants and Get A Whopping $4,800+ Bonus!
  • $150Gold Bonus
    11 - 15 New Merchants
  • $150Gold Bonus
    $1,650 - $2,250 Bonus
  • $100Silver Bonus
    6 - 10 New Merchants
  • $100Silver Bonus
    $600 - $1,000 Bonus
  • $50Bronze Bonus
    2 - 5 New Merchants
  • $50Bronze Bonus
    $100 - $250 Bonus

Start Your Training

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  • Upon training completion, you will have all of the skills required to become a merchant processing sales agent, at no cost to you.
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Learn more about Ever Agents

About Us

EverAgents is a training company that helps introduce students to the exciting and lucrative industry of merchant processing through our free Ever Agents training and certification program.

As part of the training, students will learn how to offer high-quality merchant credit card processing solutions to businesses both large and small, both local and online. Upon completion of the training, students will be able to start selling merchant services and generate passive/residual income from businesses that they sign up as merchant processing clients.

This is the perfect time to take advantage of this incredible opportunity, and build a new income stream while helping businesses nationwide obtain better, lower-cost merchant processing.

Ever Agents is backed by the No. 1 Merchant Processor in the world.



The Power of Residual Revenue

See what you can do every month once you've signed up a specific amount of merchants. (This is your total merchants, not new merchants each month!)

FAQ / Help

Ready to start, but have a few questions? We've put together the most common questions new agents have.

Merchant Processing is simply setting businesses up with the ability to process credit/debit card payments.

A “Merchant” is just another word for a “Business”. When discussing credit card processing, businesses that accept credit cards are referred to as Merchants.

Card networks, such as Visa and Mastercard have their base fees, then the banks and processors add fees to that, depending on the services required by each business. It all adds up.

We help our merchants grow their business, lower their costs and get their money faster.

EverAgents teaches you about the industry of Merchant Processing. The complete training is conducted online by our expert instructors.

There are no costs for your EverAgents training. All you need is access to a computer with an internet connection and you're set.

The training is very quick and typically takes as little as a couple of hours to a few days complete, depending on your time availability. It's more important to fully understand the material than complete the training quicker. Most people complete all parts of the training within just a few days.

No prior experience, specific education, or skills are required to get started with EverAgents. If you are a motivated, outgoing individual, you should do great with the program.

EverAgents prepares you to become a merchant processing agent, allowing you to generate a residual income and bonuses from businesses that you signup for merchant processing.

Residual income is income that continues to come in every month, without you having to do additional work to earn that income every month.

You earn bonuses by signing up a specific amount of merchants in a given month. Bonuses can be very lucrative and range from $50 all the way up to $300 per merchant!

You are paid within 45 days of the close of each month, for that month’s processing.

EXAMPLE: At the end of January, it takes several weeks to calculate final costs and profits for the month. You will receive the earnings you generated in January by March 15 at the latest, usually sooner.


Get In Touch

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